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Pre School is all about bringing dreams and fantasies come alive for the toddlers. Since children  are  on  threshold  of  education  &  beginning  their  journey  into  learning,  a curriculum  embedded  in  leisure  and  fun  is  introduced.  School  strictly  adheres  to non-formal way of learning. Children are provided with the captivating framework of knowledge that incorporates art, craft, technology, music and dance.


At primary stage, children are gradually introduced and made conscious about their duties towards themselves, School, Home and Society at large. The inculcation of values at this stage prepares a fertile thought process and a sense of responsibility  gets  engrained.  Thus a firm foundation of  a positive, sensitive and caring individual is laid.


SECONDARY WING  takes care of the crucial stage of secondary education   in   the   educational   hierarchy   and   it prepares the students well for higher education and world of work. It is at this age, that student becomes a global citizen, both academically and socially. So we   ensure   the   strengthening   of   this   stage   by providing  greater  access  to  resources  as  well  as improving quality of learning in a significant way.


CIS offers ample choices to students so that they can decide the field of growth which is important for living gainful life. This stage is both a mirror and a reflector   as   it   bridges   gap   between   general information of mind and personality. We offer all four streams i.e. Medical, Non-Medical, Humanities and Commerce and regular counseling and guidance for attainment of higher goals is provided.

Admission 2024-2025
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